The Supporting Data Management in the Humanities (Sudamih) project is funded by the JISC and led by Oxford University Computing Services in order to address a range of requirements for the more effective management of data (broadly defined) within the Humanities at an institutional level. The project places emphasis on two particular areas: recognition and support for the lifes work nature of much of humanities research; recognition and support for the simple and effective creation of online databases for typical data-types within the Humanities (Database as Service for e.g. text, image and geo-data). The Sudamih Project is driven by the requirements of researchers within the Humanities Division at Oxford and is a collaborative project between the research community and institutional service providers (e.g. computing and library services, research support).

The project builds on the related Eidcsr Project and will work closely with the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), the Research Information Network (RIN) and the UK Research Data Service (UKRDS) initiative.